Jess Fiedler

Founder, Shark Harbor Sunset

A little about me. I was raised in Avalon, California, on Catalina Island. Growing up on the island was a unique experience. My favorite view on the island (and so far, in the world) is that of Shark Harbor, at sunset. That is the inspiration for my company’s name.

I’ve since lived all over California, including in the Sierras, the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Naples Island. Beauty and Nature are very important to me.

I earned my Bachelor’s in Philosophy, with a minor in Religious Studies. So, asking the deeper questions in life and about life are integral to my personality.

I started Shark Harbor Sunset originally as a way to express myself, and share with others (especially my children), a part of me. As the work progressed, I found myself more and more drawn to others’ stories, and lives, hopes and dreams. Shark Harbor Sunset’s mission has grown as a result. This site is here to not only allow my own self-expression, but also to serve as a platform for real stories to be shared with the world. If you have a dream or cause you’d like to share, please reach out.

Mission Statement: To connect with others, and to connect others.

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