Juan Love – Allow It

I have been a joyful attendee of the California Roots Music Festival, in Monterey, California, for the last seven years. Over the last few, I noticed an energetic and smiling man, dashing across the festival throughout the weekend. My curiosity got the better of me last year, and I decided to meet this dynamic person. His name is Juan Love, and his name suits him well.

Melanie Panem- Talking Tech

I met Melanie when we both worked in the same department in a small startup in The Silicon Valley, California. I was new in the tech/engineering side of things, so I came to Melanie with my many questions on the intricacies of html coding and development. On today’s episode of Speak Your Truth, Melanie and I have a chance to catch up, discuss the evolution of Web Development, the challenges that come with working in the industry, and the future.

Kurtis (Conga Kurty) Parsons – To the Beat of His Own Drum

I had the opportunity of finding Kurtis Parsons, aka “Conga Kurty” on Facebook, via a few Reggae groups in which I participate. I followed his Instagram, joined his fan group, and quickly learned just how talented a percussionist he is, as well as an intriguing individual. Kurty agreed to this interview, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to get to know this multifaceted individual a little more.

Jordan Rabot – Science-based Fitness

I had the happy accident of moving right next door to my next guest. Living in a small apartment complex, on Naples Island (a small man-made island in Long Beach, CA), you get to know your neighbors. Especially during a Covid 19 ‘Stay at Home’ time in our lives. Jordan immediately struck me as capable, enthusiastic, and healthy. I had to know more about his secret to being so fit. So I asked him. This is what transpired.

Maria Moceri – Dating in 2020

My friend, Maria Moceri, and I became friends because we were both in a reggae, meme-sharing, singles group on Facebook. Yes, they exist; actually quite a few of them. I saw what she was laying down and I picked it up and loved it.
We became Facebook friends, and friends, quickly. I wanted to invite Maria to be a guest on Speak Your Truth today because I noticed that she is wise in the ways of love.

Dylan Flynn – Pass the Bass Project

Dylan and I met via Facebook.
He reached out to me, and told me about his cause.
Pass the Bass is the name, and that’s just what Dylan Flynn does.
He travels around the country, from show-to-show, and encourages musicians to take a turn playing his bass guitar.
Sounds pretty interesting, yes?