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I was first introduced to The Tones, when I visited the Reggae Ranch, and met drummer, Matthew Richards. We became fast friends. Flash forward a few months, and we’re back at Reggae Ranch, as The Tones held a livestream at the venue in July, 2020, to promote their new album, “Vibe Streamin”(which dropped August 7th, 2020). Getting the backstage pass as it were, I was privileged to have the opportunity to get to know the band as not only great musicians, but also as great people. Tonight, we’re talking about music, vibes, romance, and looking towards the future together.

Based out of San Diego, California, The Tones bring the vibe to the party. When asked how they want their music to be received by the world, they reflect and tell me that they want people to have a good time. Band members Anthony Velador (lead vocals and guitar), Reese Morin (on bass), and Matthew Richards (drums) have come together to produce a fun and laid-back sound. Founded by lead singer and guitarist, Anthony Velador, the group have been jamming alongside many of today’s well-known artists, including Agent Orange, Kaleo Wassman of Pepper, and EN Young.

Their style is heavily influenced by the music of Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, and especially Sublime. Their favorite bands include the aforementioned bands, as well as Pepper, Nirvana, and Led Zeppelin. Reese even has a few of his favorite bands inked on his body! If you’re curious, they were a Blink 182 tattoo, Red Hot Chili Peppers ink, and a Black Crowes tattoo. When I asked why Sublime is especially important to the band, Anthony summed it up well:

It’s like not just reggae, it’s ska, and punk, and rock and roll, and rap music too and it’s all combined, that’s why. It’s [Sublime’s music] like every genre.

Anthony Velador

When asked to whom they owe gratitude for their music and drive, they all credit their family for believing in them, supporting them, providing opportunities to learn and practice and grow as artists:

We know that’s what you want to do, and we can tell that it speaks to you more than anything else you’ve ever done.

Reese Morin

I’d have to thank my mom, for always being super supportive of me, and my aunt. Whenever it came to me hitting my drums in the house, they never had any complaints about, they allowed me to have creative freedom. They never got annoyed with me being ‘a little under-practiced’. I think me and Reece need to thank Anthony’s parents too, they allow us to practice at their house two times a week.

Matthew Richards

I appreciate the band’s sense of humor very much. When The Tones described a “perfect world”, they got very creative:

It’s gonna look like the Avatar world. Everyone’s at peace with the Earth, everyone loves one another, we respect the ground and the earth and everything that comes with it.

Anthony Velador

Watch the Lorax.

Matthew Richards

Thank God for Punk Rock [this was also on the t-shirt he wore that day]

Reese Morin

We chatted about life and music, as the ocean waves crashed behind us, and a crowd slowly gathered as the band took out their guitar and beat box to play a few songs. The weather was perfect, and the vibes were right. After spending the day with The Tones I can tell you with confidence that they are here to change the world in their own unique way — by bringing good vibes, great music, and big smiles to the world. If you’re throwing a get together, make sure they’re on the sound system. They bring the fun.

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