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I had the happy accident of moving right next door to my next guest. Living in a small apartment complex, on Naples Island (a small man-made island in Long Beach, CA), you get to know your neighbors. Especially during a Covid 19 ‘Stay at Home’ time in our lives. Jordan immediately struck me as capable, enthusiastic, and healthy. I had to know more about his secret to being so fit. So I asked him. This is what transpired.

Jess: Hello everybody out there in online land! It’s Jess again. Coming to you live with my next interview! This is Jordan Rabot, everyone! He is my neighbor. I am fortunate enough to have this really interesting, delightful, person in my life and he lives right next door. He even worked on my logo for me for Shark Harbor Sunset, so he is a beautiful artist as well as a good person.

But today we’re going to be focusing on one of his passion projects, which is fitness, specifically bodybuilding is that correct?

Jordan: Yes, that is correct.

Jess: Ok cool. Before we dive into that part tell me a little bit about your background.

Jordan: Hi, everyone! I’m Jordan Rabot. I’m 24 years old and like Jess said, I’m a fitness enthusiast and my specialty is in science-based bodybuilding. The way that I got into bodybuilding was back in high school. In high school I actually injured my left knee and I hyper-extended it. My basketball coach, from the Varsity team, he claimed to me that I was a liability to the team and that didn’t sit right with me.

 So, I wanted to do something about it. I went into fitness knowing that I could strengthen my entire body. I never want to be a liability to anyone ever again. That’s my goal. That’s my drive for fitness is just to be strong and to always be able to be there for anyone in my life I care about.

Jess: That’s really awesome! So that’s pretty much what inspired you to start studying fitness as well it sounds like. Was that motivation.

Jordan: Yes, that really kickstarted everything for me going down this path of fitness.

That’s so great because for me personally I am, well let’s just say that fitness is not a part of my life. I mean I’m good with eating healthy but as far as exercising and stuff that’s always been intimidating to me. What sort of fitness is your specialty? You’re saying science-based but earlier you were talking about there are different kinds of fitness.

There are multiple avenues for fitness. You can do fitness for health and as a kind of rehab. You can do another type of fitness which is Body Building which is what I do. It is more about aesthetics, on how you look. There’s Powerlifting, which is about strength and how much you can put up versus how you look. It doesn’t really matter how you look in Powerlifting. Then there’s also Strong, in which you see these people carry these huge boulders, throwing logs, and all these other crazy things. But my specialty is in the body building, in the aesthetics, and how I look.

Jess: Well, I could say how you look and the aesthetics, but there’s also some health components to it. Have you seen some health benefits for yourself since you started doing this?

Jordan: Yes. There’s a lot of health and dietary aspects for each one of those categories. To lift stronger, you have to eat a lot more, get a lot more energy into your body. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. If you want to have more energy and to be able to output a lot more energy you have to be putting in a lot of cleaner foods. What I notice is I’m eating healthier. I eat a lot of chicken and brown rice and veggies, simple as that sounds.

The energy output I’m able to put out from those foods helps me continue lifting and keeping me motivated and not feeling sluggish. But when I tend to eat out more, go to In-and-Out, or chains or anything that’s kind of greasy and processed and things I don’t know that went into it, I start feeling sluggish. I want to relax more. I want to sit on the couch; become a couch potato. So, eating right does change your whole energy, the vibe you kind of give out and makes you want to do more and output all that energy, that clean energy we put in.

Jess: That’s awesome! Because for me personally, I wouldn’t be motivated by aesthetics to do any kind of exercise whatsoever because I’d just stress comfy and I’ll move on with life. But health! What you’re talking to me about health and energy that would motivate me. Speaking of motivation. What does motivate you to stay fit and train regularly? We have the aesthetics; we have some extra energy. What motivates you?

Jordan: I guess just looking at like the Fitness Industry. I’m always on Social Media. I’m on Instagram, Twitter not too much Facebook anymore. Tic Tock is a new one too. On all these platforms, these social platforms, there’s a lot of people within the fitness industry that I aspire to look like. So, a great example of this is Kevin Hart. He’s a comedian but he also broke into the fitness industry and the type of events they do and the kind of lifestyle they live is something very similar to what I want to do. There are always energetic people who are just jumping around, interacting with a lot of people, bring a lot of energy. That’s the motivator for me is that I want to aspire to do those kinds of things.

And I think what goes hand in hand with that too is aesthetics. If you’re always working out and you’re always being active, your body kind of shows. It’s kind of like an outward portrayal of what you do every day. So, that’s what I think. You’re showing a lot of energy working out. You’re doing a lot of fitness things.  Like, [others will say] “Oh this guy probably works out a lot,” and it’s true.

Jess: Oh, I’m getting what you’re saying now. In a way you’re your own walking advertisement. I mean you walk around, and you espouse certain philosophies of fitness to other people (if they so listen). But they’re going to take you seriously and you’re going to be credible because of your aesthetics.

Jordan: So, this also goes into nonverbal communication as people try not to say it, but they still do it, is by “judging a book by its cover.” They still judge. Anything that you see within the first few seconds, you’re going to judge. I think that goes to how I want to portray my canvas. I want people to see me without even knowing [that I work out], “This guy is probably into fitness. The way his shoulders look, that type of clothing or brand he’s wearing.”

One of my biggest inspirations is Simeon Panda. So right now, I think he’s probably leading the charge with fitness ambassadors and fitness entrepreneurs. You guys if you get a chance, check him out. He’s one person I really want to look like and also build a brand in the community the same way he has.

Jess: Phenomenal. Phenomenal. At first, when you were talking about it, I wasn’t completely understanding. I totally get it now. I have some martial artist friends for example, that are incredibly sculpted. And literally you meet them, you see how they walk even, and it’s just ok, they workout, like that person is in shape. You don’t even have to talk to them you just already know there’s a regimen there. Speaking of regimen, what’s your regular routine every day?

Jordan: Before this Corona Virus, well I’ll tell you my routine before and then I’ll tell you my routine that I’m doing now. Before, I was in a bulking cycle, so I was actually trying to put on a lot more size and mass. Seven meals a day. So, my meals would be breakfast and then like a mid- breakfast, mid-lunch, then a lunch, and then post-workout shake, pre-dinner, and then dinner. Those are probably spaced out evenly around two to three hours apart. I would meal prep on Sundays and Wednesdays. A lot of chicken. Just eating a lot of chicken and rice.

Jess: So that’s food.

Jordan: That was food, yes, so the fitness part. What I would do is I would work out during my lunch. So I work eight to five and [my goal was] to get more active because my work is very sedentary. I’m sitting down by the computer. I try to break that up, split that up, during my lunch and I actually go to the gym at 12. Then when I get back from work around like 7:00 pm is when I go to the gym again.

That was for pre-Corona Virus. So, in these Corona Virus times, in these quarantine times, I try to create the same routine structure that I was doing before. So, nutrition, the eating, stays the same. Now that I have access to my kitchen it’s a lot easier to cook everything. The gym? We can’t go to the gym, obviously. So, what I’ll try to do is I’ll work out. I’m doing different workouts. Before, it was a lot of weight-lifting but now I’m going more into H.I.I.T. Training.

So H.I.I.T. Training, that’s H-I-I-T. High Intensity Interval Training and what that is are a lot of plyometrics, and a lot of calisthenics, and body movement workouts. I tend to do a lot of work on abs. Work on just running in place, pushups, sit ups, you name it! I try to do it in the morning when it’s sunny and then at nighttime around 6 pm, I do another round.

Jess: Excellent. Are you doing anything like grabbing heavy cans and doing curls? Anything like that? Or you pretty much set?

Jordan: I’ve seen a lot of people doing that kind of stuff. There’s not a lot of stuff in my apartment that has a good grip to carry large, heavy things. I do have a water jug (it’s actually right in front of me) but I would need two of those so I can even it out. But for now, I think it’s just the high interval training is doing just fine for me. I’m waiting for the gyms to open back up so I can actually lift. Actually lift [weights] instead of stuff around my house.

Jess: So, you go to the gym. You’re fit. You’re in shape. What advice could you give to someone like me? A beginner. Someone that is literally just out of shape, and is kind of inspired, and wants to do something, but doesn’t want to break them, their body, on the first day.

Jordan: Ok. So, first thing I would do. There’s a philosophy called 21-90. So, it’s 21 days to create a habit. It’s also 21 days to break a habit. But then it’s 90 days to create a lifestyle. So, what I would do is create a habit first of just going to the gym. Figure out when it could fit into your schedule of going to the gym and do that for 21 days to create the habit.   

This habit, it’s almost like driving home. When you drive home, you don’t think about making a left and making a right at this light. Your body kind of just does it naturally, it becomes an instinct. It’s intuitive to do it. So, that’s where I would start first. Finding a time in your schedule to make it a habit to go to the gym. Even if you don’t workout per se, just make it a habit of at least driving to the gym, maybe walking in, then leaving. Create a habit of going to the gym first.

I guess it all depends on your fitness goals. A lot of people have different goals. Some people want to actually gain weight or put on muscle growth and size. Some people want to lose weight. Some people want to get a booty type of goals. You have to identify what goal you want and from there that’s when you can kind of breakdown your research and breakdown your goals into smaller goals. That’s where I would start first. Make it a habit to go to the gym.

Jess: I did have one more question. How can we support you?

Jordan: I’m building my fitness page right now. It’s called Khal Rabot. That’s K-H-A-L. It’s on Instagram.

Jess: Now it’s time for the Quick Round. The first portion of our talk is where we discuss the topic, and the second portion is a little bit more fun. Where we get to know you better.  Who or what inspires you?

Jordan: Who and or what? So this is in general, right, just not fitness? Will Smith. He is a great motivational speaker, and he’s also a very kind person, and gives back a lot, and he gives out very good energy, and he wants to promote happiness. Steve Harvey. I actually went to go see Steve Harvey at the screening of Family Feud. In between the commercial breaks, he actually talks to the audience! Not like most talk show hosts where they kind of just go backstage and prep or whatever. He actually came on stage and started talking to people in the audience. He was very inspirational as well. I admire that. He was telling people, actually asking them, “What are some of the things you are going through? Let me tell you my perspective on life. I think you should.” He said, “I’m old; I know a lot of things. I’ve been around. Let me help you out so you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

Jess: I think he may have written a book I’m going to have to look that up. He’s a book writer too, an author [Steve Harvey].

Jordan: Like I mentioned earlier, Kevin Hart. He’s also another one who actually was able to change industries from comedy and acting into fitness. He’s kind of combining those too together which is great. And just also networking with a lot of people and getting celebrities into his fitness industries is amazing.

Jess: He’s sharing the wealth, spreading the word.

Jordan: Kevin Hart, since he is a comedian. He’s able to network with so many different people. But one thing he’s doing is he’s kind of he’s a pivot. He’s a pivot for a lot of industries and a lot of people can come together. So, he’s bringing together a lot of actors, a lot of comedians, a lot of athletes. So, a lot of athletes and celebrities are actually coming together through the mutual friends of Kevin Hart. So, he’s a big one.

Jess: What are some of your other passion projects? I’m sure that you’re doing more than staying fit.

Jordan: Yes. Being a full-time industrial designer, I tend to do a lot of design projects for people. I like doing a lot of freelance, and anything around the house that kind of revolves around, or requires, some type of artistic take on it, or building something with my hands.

Another one I’m working on is I’m studying on how to become financially independent. I’ve been doing a lot of research on creating multiple sources of income. Right now, we’re in a bear market. I want to use this time that we’re having at home to research more into stocks and more on different ways of creating online wealth. I want to prepare myself for retirement. I know I’m young at 24.  But I’m getting ready. I want to have all my ducks lined up so that when I’m retired, I’ll have everything ready.

Jess: I’m going to have to pick your brain about that too.

It’s a great transition from talking about passion projects, we’re talking about investing in your future. So, picture yourself in five years and just paint me a picture.

Jordan: Five years? In five years, I plan to be 225 pounds. I want to be pure muscle. I want to look like a football athlete. I want to go back to my high school coach who cut me from the team and just see him. Having him question me like, “What do you do? Are you a professional athlete now?”  Then I can tell him, “No. I don’t need to be a professional athlete to look like this.”

I want to live either in a house or apartment that’s still near the beach, where we live now. This area is so nice. So being able to live somewhere close to the beach where I can literally walk to the beach or bring my paddle board.

Within the five years getting married, I want that to be on there. I want to have more pets. Have another dog, maybe some cats. Even though I’m allergic to cats I like cats.  Cats are funny.

Jess: Speaking of five, because I like the number 5. Top five songs or artists? I’ve been told songs is pretty hard.

Jordan: Songs are hard they’re always changing for me. My top five artists would have to be Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown, Drake, and the last one is Futuristic.

Jess: I haven’t heard of Futuristic. Tell me more.

Jordan: He is more underground, but I’ve listened to him for so long and he puts out music so consistently so it’s just a matter of time before one of his songs gets on the radio and he just blows up.

Jess: Is Nipsey no longer with us?

Jordan: Yes. Nipsey, Rest in Peace.

Jess: I thought so. That name sounded very, very, familiar. I heard he was very involved in the community.

Jordan: Yes, he was.

Jess: Cool. Another inspirational person right there. Last question. Well, we have two more questions. Favorite candy and why?

Jordan: Ok, so I don’t get a lot of candy per se but something sweet is Oreos. They’re sweet and chocolate. I love Oreos. I feel like if I were to challenge anyone or if anyone were to challenge me to an Oreo eating contest I think I would win by a long shot. I could just snack on those all day. 

Jess: Which ones are your favorite? There’s so many now.

Jordan: Actually, just the double stuffed but I’ve seen that they made a Cookies and Cream flavored. Oreo-flavored Oreo.

Jess: That’s kind of intense; I didn’t even think about that. With every interview I include a song. A little snippet from Spotify. So, what would you like your song to be?

Jordan: That’s a good one. Let’s say, I guess the song that came to my mind is Double Up by Nipsey Hussle. This song, it talks about how he takes money and like it says he doubles it. He tries to make all his income double up and he wants to make his net worth as much as he can. That’s one of my favorite songs by Nipsey.

Jess: Double Up, so that’s your theme. I’ll bet you play that probably once a week like I watch Embrace the grind on Youtube once a week, to motivate me.

Jordan: Definitely my number one song on my Spotify 2019-2020 replays.  

Jess: Shoutouts?

Jordan: My mom is actually a travel agent and the travel industry has been hit pretty hard right now. But I am sure everyone is itching to go travel, and go on cruises, and explore the world because I know we all need some human interaction. People can reach out to her that want to set up some trips for the future.

Jess: It’s sure sounding like you’re coming up. You’re going to be doubling up; I see this. You’re super young, super motivated, and you’re going places. This is going to be a moment in history right here. This is it right here, right now. We’re speaking it into existence right now.

Jordan: Yes, yes we are.

To learn more about Jordan’s journey, follow him on Instagram @khalrabot

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